Canna Trading CO Cartridge 0.5G


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Available only at California dispensaries 60 – 65% THC Butane-free extraction Includes natural terpenes Our flavors are created by adding natural terpenes to our butane-free extracted oil. We use a butane-free extraction process to ensure that our oil is clean and contains only the purest THC. Our vape cartridge helps you medicate anywhere, with discretion. You escape the odor of cannabis flower by choosing vape. Storage Tips and Heat Warning: Vape pen cartridges can leak when excessive heat is a factor. Exposure to excessive heat can lead to cartridge failure where leaking of the oil can occur. To prevent this, store your vape pen cartridge with the mouthpiece facing downward. This helps keep the oil away from the wick and helps prevent heat damage. This allows air to be between the oil and the wick. As the oil heats, it does expand, so rather than the oil leaking out, the excess air will be pushed through the holes at the bottom of the cartridge instead. This prevents the oil from expanding too much and prevents leaking.

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BlueBerry Kush, Pineapple, Sour Kush


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